Smokeable Hemp Flower: Fastest CBD Delivery Method For Athletes

Unwind, Relax, & Recover

"Perfect Way To Finish A Long Day Is To Puff Away"

Smokable Hemp Flower is the most efficient and natural method to getting CBD in your system! 

The reason for this is that our flower in it's raw form is the most Full Spectrum product there is, being there is no damage to the flower which would normally occur during the process of turning Hemp to oil. In it's natural form we are truly able to benefit from the beautiful chemical make up each strain provides us.

All of the Cannabinoids and Terpenes(smells and flavors) will also vary between each strain, this can deliver different mood enhancements depending on the chemical break down of the strain you're smoking. This is the reason for some strains providing more of an energetic feeling and other much more sedative.

On top of all that, smoking your CBD is the fastest method of delivery into you body to produce results within minutes! Unlike ingesting CBD to where our stomach must digest the chemical and then uptake throughout the body. The smoke is enriched with a full cannabinoid profile that travels into your lungs and is then transported directly into the blood stream to reach the receptors throughout our body providing nearly instant relief.

Some negative stigmas around smoking cannabis still float around today, but we realize it is about educating the masses about all the positives the come with this method of consumption and they should not go unnoticed!

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