Why Mixing Your Marijuana With Hemp Could Change The Way You Use Cannabis

In a world where not, many people know the right dose of cannabinoids for their condition, mixing these two cannabis flowers may seem wild, but it is not. This is actually a helpful and beneficial experience that will be love at first site. Marijuana flowers work hand in hand with hemp flowers when consumed together to offer a more potent therapeutic dose. Want to know how it all goes down?  

This article gives you every reason why you should try mixing these two flowers and the benefits that you will get.   

But first, before we can go to the benefits, let us have a refresher of the two flowers.   

Hemp vs. Marijuana 

Do you know that Marijuana is not the same as Hemp?    

The Cannabis plant is an umbrella term that covers both Marijuana and Hemp. Well, both these genotypes of Cannabis are also divided into strains and species that are all unique in their own way, each delivering different effects on the body and mind. 

Cannabis strains are mostly hybrid types nowadays due to the facts of transportations of the plant throughout the world and breeding . Think of it as cannabis growing in Pakistan is not the same as a farm growing in the US. Reason? Different growing conditions will give rise to the varied chemical composition, which means two unidentical plants.  

Well, as for species, we only have three. These are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. But what are they? Species come as a conventional way to classify plants worldwide. Mostly, marijuana is referred to Cannabis Indica and Ruderalis, while Cannabis Sativa is in reference to Hemp.

Now to Hemp vs Marijuana. Hemp represents cannabis plants that have THC content equal to or less than 0.3%. On the other hand, Marijuana has more than 0.3% THC. Why the threshold? Hemp is regarded as non-intoxicating. THC is the molecule that causes a high in cannabis plants. However, in hemp, the doses are low enough not to cause the high.   

Why should you mix Hemp and Marijuana?  

We are going to look at two science-backed benefits of mixing hemp and marijuana plus one obvious one that you should be guessing by now.   

Enjoying the benefits of fuller spectrum dose: 

You see, the cannabis plant is not only made of phytocannabinoids. We also have terpenes and flavonoids. When all the cannabis compounds are extracted together and used as a whole plant product, they depict what scientists call the entourage effect.   

So, what is the entourage effect?  

It is a phenomenon where all the cannabis compounds work synergistically to provide a more potent dose than when you use a single compound. Think of it as united we stand, divided we fall. Yes, having THC in marijuana working together with CBD in hemp plus the terpenes and other essential oils in the two flowers proves to be a more therapeutic dose.   

Be more productive after a good smoke:  

It is a no brainer; you may need to clear your entire day’s schedule before getting baked on some Marijuana strains. Compared to a Hemp flower, you don’t need to remain free for the day, rich in CBD help you are to stay more alert and focused. While very high THC levels can have the power to get you coach locked.   

Research shows that CBD can cool down some of the side effects of too much THC. This way, you can still enjoy the high in Marijuana while remaining calm and focused enough to see your day’s schedule out to the fullest.   

Save some money on weed:  

How much is an ounce of your favorite weed strain? Mixing your Cannabis flower with a Hemp flower will save you lots on weed. You see, you need enough weed to fill a joint and even more if you smoke a blunt.  Save some of you weed for next time and instead grind some Hemp flower to cut with your joint or blunt.

Getting off cigarettes:

How about taking out the tobacco in your cigarettes and replacing it with Hemp flower for a better cannabinoid dose? People have been found to be able to kick that nasty habit and transition into smoking Hemp flower instead. Some people suggest to roll your own cigarettes, by doing this you are able to slowly transition the tobacco out while adding more CBD. The smallest bit of change can make the biggest difference. Give it a try! 

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i have been trying to figure this out for months….if i want a 2:1 cbd : thc ratio..and my thc flower i have is 22.% how do i combine them to make it like a 5mg or 5% ? or very slight effect..but the ratios dont make sense with the % of thc?…right??..i have 22% thc and cbd at 0.30% lol i keep thinking of this and get confused..

Domineck March 09, 2023

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